Riego de Ambrós is a village that belongs to the city of Molinaseca, near the towns of El Acebo, Castrillo del Monte, and Onamio de Paradasolana. It is located in the beautiful region of El Bierzo, on its western side, one of the landmark points of the famous “Camino de Santiago” or Way of St. James, the French pilgrimage path to Santiago de Compostela. Riego de Ambros is in the part of The Way that leads to the city of Ourense, down from “La Cruz de Ferro”, after Molinaseca and before El Acebo.

Riego de Ambrós, with 40 inhabitants (2013), is beautiful and peaceful and maintains the traditional architecture of “El Bierzo” towns with stone walls and slate roofs. They celebrate the feasts of St. Mary Magdalene on July 22 and, in the same month, they hold the Rally Race “Subida a Riego”.

It is an attractive village because of its natural environment, its trails and routes.

The area has preserved multiple elements of its cultural heritage, including Riego’s sixteenth century La Magdalena parish church, where you can enjoy a beautiful baroque altarpiece, the San Fabian and San Sebastian Hermitage, the medieval Bridge that crosses the Meruelo River in Molinaseca, and the medieval Blacksmith Forge in Compludo, Ponferrada, that was declared National Monument in 1968. Riego is also close to the village of El Acebo.

Riego de Ambros was named after the feudal lord of the land, Ambroce, in the twelfth century. It had a hospital for pilgrims until the late eighteenth century, when the hospital burned in flames.